• Innovative Bwell products provide:

     – Multidimensional assessment of balance, gait, and strength

  •  – Assessment driven programming across the functional continuum
  •  – Prescriptive and layered balance and mobility programming delivered via tablet application
  •  – Exercise library that allows for flexible program development
  •  – Ongoing evolution of assessment and programming concepts

From theory-driven assessment to progressive programming solutions, Bwell balance and mobility programs are individually tailored to address identified impairments (e.g., balance, gait, strength):

  • Bwell & Move
  •  – Complete suite of standardized fall risk assessment tests, including the CDC STEADI tests, that identify functional limitations emerging from one or more of the systems involved in the control of balance and mobility
  •  – Functional Mobility, Steady-State Balance, Strength, Sensory Reception, Integration and Gait Analysis – Simple, easy-to-use iPad integration; HIPAA compliant reporting

Bwell & Balanced
 – Designed for older adults at high risk for falls
 – Group-based or one-on-one multidimensional and functional training approach
 – 12-week protocol-driven program with progressively more challenging resistance and balance exercises performed in a minimally supportive training environment

Bwell & Mobile
 – Transitional program that compliments Bwell & Balanced
 – Group-based or one-on-one curriculum that incorporates progressively challenging dynamic and gait components
 – Targets individuals at mid to low fall risk with focus on core components of strength, balance and endurance

Bwell balance and mobility programs are designed by dr. debra j. rose, ph.d., fnak.


Bwell cognition programs focus on maximizing cognitive abilities in general with special emphasis on executive functioning which includes attention, planning abilities and controlling distractibility and behavior.

Bwell & Thrive programs are based on patent-pending technology that assesses the cognitive elements above.

  • Bwell & Thrive
  •  – Patent-pending technology allowing assessment of dual tasking capabilities and subsequent dual task costs
  •  – Utilization in both physical therapy and senior living environments
  •  – Simple, safe and effective physical and cognitive training platforms utilizing HIIT

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Bwell cognition programs are designed by Mike Studer and Dr. Robert G. Winningham.