Facing Facts:

  • Bwell & Move
    – Complete Suite of standardized CDC fall risk assessment tests which Identify functional limitations        emerging from in one or more of the systems involved in the control of balance and mobility.
  • – Functional Mobility, Static Balance, Sensory Integration and Gait Analysis.
  • – Simple, easy to use iPad integration, HIPAA compliant and Reporting


Bwell & Balanced
– Designed for older adults at high risk for falls.
– Group based multidimensional and functional training approach.
– 12 Week Protocol Driven program with progressively more challenging resistance and balance exercises performed in a minimally supportive training environment.

Bwell & Mobile
– Transitional program that compliments Bwell & Balanced.
– Group based curriculum that incorporates progressively challenging dynamic and gait components.
– Targets Mid to Low Fall Risk individuals with focus on core components of strength, balance and endurance.

  • Bwell & Thrive
    – Patent Pending technology allowing assessment of Dual Tasking capabilities and subsequent dual task costs.
    – Utilization in both Physical Therapy and Senior Living environments.
    – Simple, safe and effective physical and cognitive training platforms utilizing HIIT

Bwell & Thrive+
– Turnkey program for single or group-based classes
– Integration of all components of Balance, Strength, Endurance, Cognition and Flexibility.
– Ideal for all populations from 55+ up throughout the continuum of care.